Come sing with us!

Regular rehearsals are held on Tuesday nights (7-9:30 p.m.) at Saint James United Methodist Church. We begin with our membership meeting and first rehearsal in August, and rehearsals last through the end of the season.

Audition Procedures

The next open auditions will be held the first week in August of 2024. If you are interested in auditioning to become a member of the Arkansas Chamber Singers, please sign up here to audition on the date indicated for your preferred voice part.

Then fill out this Google form prior to your audition time. If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the form, there will be some available at the auditions. Please arrive early if a written hard copy is your preference. There will be someone to greet you when you arrive for your audition.

Audition Dates and Times

- August 7th     2-6:30pm     Saint James United Methodist Church    Sopranos
- August 8th    2-6:30pm     Saint James United Methodist Church    Altos and remaining Sopranos
- August 9th    2-6:30pm     Saint James United Methodist Church    Tenors and Basses
- August 13th   6-8pm          Saint James United Methodist Church    Singers with conflicts July 7-9

*If you are not able to audition on your section’s date, please sign up for the August 13th date or email the
artistic director here to set a separate audition time.

Additional Information about Auditions

Auditions are video recorded and deleted once the singer roster is finalized each season

Auditions will operate through a recording, with recorded instructions to guide you through the audition

Here is what to expect:

    1. Vocalizing exercises. This will feel like a warmup. I am listening for range, tone, intonation, agility, and vocal technique.
    2. An 8-measure exercise will be provided. The recording will play your tonic triad. You will then have 30 seconds to study and practice. Feel free to practice out loud, but you cannot use the piano. After 30 seconds, the recording will say “stop” and play the tonic triad again. When it says “begin” you will sing the exercise a cappella.
    3. Pitch retention. The recording will play 4 pitches, and you echo those 4 pitches on the neutral syllable of your choice. You will only hear it once, and you will have about 10 seconds between each set of 4 pitches. There will be 5 sets of 4 pitches in total.
    4. Prepared piece. Prepare one of the following pieces, to be sung a cappella in the key of your choice. You will sing your selection twice, once with vibrato and once without vibrato. The text for each selection is included below. (Choose only 1.) You can find lyrics to these selections here.
      • Amazing Grace – verse 1
      • My Country Tis of Thee – verse 1
      • The Rose (by Amanda McBroom, known best by Bette Middler) – verse 1